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Approaching Your Senior Loved One About Home Care


This is always a challenging subject for many families and friends. It is fairly common for seniors to show resistance to the idea of letting strangers in to provide care for them. But sometimes, availing of home care services may be the best option for them.

Fortunately, if it’s your first time discussing home care with a loved one, know you’re not alone. As an expert in respite care in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, Promise Home Care Services is familiar with the nuances of connecting a loved one to a care provider. We recommend doing the following:

  • Do your research on the subject.
    This provides you with a great perspective on what your loved one’s expectations may be. It can also prepare you to answer some of their questions regarding home care.
  • Introduce the idea as early as possible.
    Considering home care should not be in response to a crisis. Introducing the subject subtly and early offers more time for your loved one to think about it thoroughly.
  • Then, arrange a time and place for the talk.
    Set an ideal schedule and setting for when you go into the big discussion on things like hiring a home health aide in Pennsylvania.
  • Remember not to rush.
    Give your loved ones time to process how they feel. An unpressured mutual agreement ensures a smoother transition.
  • Finally, be open-minded and charitable.
    Your loved one has every right to feel upset, anxious, or concerned about receiving care from others. Hear them out and ask open questions to better understand their reservations.

A “test run” may give your loved one peace of mind in deciding to turn to in-home care. Contact us to arrange an initial assessment at your convenience.

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