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How to Create Bond between Elderly and Caregiver


The relationship between a caregiver and a patient is more than just providing care. When there is a human connection, the senior can feel more at ease and comfortable with their companion.

To create a meaningful service, we encourage building a bond with our clients. Companionship can get more worthwhile if you are with someone you trust.

But creating this bond needs work. While there are common getting-to-know-you activities such as asking questions, reading their resumes, and others, there are more ways to build the relationship between your senior loved one and their future care provider.

After some initial talk, it is best to do something together— perhaps an activity that they both enjoy. If they have similar hobbies that can be safely done, you can start on this. By doing something together, they get to know each other better.

You can also set up a game to break the ice. For example, playing with cards or scrabble can provide time for them to start talking with each other without worrying about what they need to share. The game provides a good topic for discussion.

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