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Knowing the Different Home Care Workers

knowing-the-different-home-care-workersOur home is where we want to stay for the rest of our lives. It is the place closest to our hearts with memories of our loved ones and all the special people in our lives. Indeed, if we have the choice, we will not trade it for any other place. But certain challenges like some illnesses, especially the chronic ones, mobility issues, and other conditions may require us to seek assistance from healthcare or homecare professionals, which may require us to go to a hospital or any other institutionalized care setting. This can be inconvenient for us. Fortunately, we can now receive assistance and care in our respective homes through home care services. Read on to know more about the different kinds of home care workers that staff home care agencies.

  • Home health aides
    Home health aides like the home health aide in Pennsylvania refer to the healthcare paraprofessionals who have met state-set training requirements. It’s possible for them to live with us patients or work on a regular schedule. They do the routine tasks that we are not able to manage anymore, like cooking, doing the laundry, shopping, etc. They also aid us with our activities of daily living, monitor bio signs, check our physical and mental condition, and deal with emergencies like heart attacks, stroke, and accidents.
  • Companion/homemaker
    Companion/homemakers are the home care staff that offer companionship, simple housekeeping, and preparation of meals. They can do the shopping and run errands for us and may accompany us to the physician or for our other appointments as well. They are not required to have a certification or license.
  • Personal care aides
    Personal care aides can do the tasks of a companion or homemaker, including assistance with more involved personal care like using the bathroom, bathing, and grooming. They have passed certain training criteria, which are different in each state ranging from none to 100 hours, which includes some clinical training.
  • Certified nursing assistants
    Certified nursing assistants can do all the responsibilities of home health aides, personal care aid, and companion/homemaker. They can also do or aid with some medical processes like simple wound care. Moreover, they have a minimum of 75 hours of training which includes clinical training for 16 hours.

At Promise Home Care Services, we see to it that all our staff are highly proficient and well trained for you to receive the best home care services. To know more about Respite Care in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, feel free to contact us.

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